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A yardstick is rigid - a tape measure is flexible.

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Q: What are the difference of tape measurements and yardstick?
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Who is mad meter tape?

No meter tape is mad. If it was, then it should talk to the yardstick about its problems.

Which tool would be best for measuring the length of a picnic table?

a tape measure

How are a ruler and a yardstick and a measuring tape different?

they are all the same tools like measuring tape ruler and a yardstick and they are both different beacuse they have the same units like miles yards feet and inches.

Name something you used to measure length?

A ruler, yardstick, measuring tape

How is a ruler yardstick and a measuring tape different and same?

why might you need to measure a perimeter with a measuring tape insteadof a ruler.

What is a list of measuring tools?

1 Steel Ruler 2 Measuring Tape 3 Yardstick

What tool can you use when measuring your height?

You can use a measuring tape, a ruler, or a yardstick to measure your height.

What is the disadvantage of elastic measuring tape?

One disadvantage of elastic measuring tape is that it can stretch over time, leading to inaccurate measurements. Additionally, elastic measuring tape may not provide as precise measurements as a rigid measuring tape.

What should you use to measure fabric?

To measure fabric, you can use a ruler. A tape measure, regular ruler (math type), yardstick, plastic quilting ruler, or any other type of measuring utensil you have will work just fine. Please let me know if this has answered your question. ~Cddsuperstar

Who invented the yardstick?

The yardstick was invented by John Wilkins in the 17th century. It was originally designed to standardize measurements for use in surveys and construction projects.

What is the tool used for measuring?

Tape Measure,Ruler,and Yardstick! Could be a cup or a stopwatch. Mostly depends on what it is that you want to measure.

What are gym floor measurements?

The best tool for measuring to play floor hokey centimeter, ruler, yardstick, string or inch ruler