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There are three different kinds of sets according to the relationship. The three different kind of sets according to the relationship are binary relationship set, ternary relationship set, and relationship set with abbreviated name.

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Q: What are the different kind of sets according to the relationship?
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What are the different kinds of sets according to the relationship?

Binary relationship, relationship set with abbreviated name, and ternary relationship set are the different kinds of sets. A binary relationship in math terms means that there are ordered pairs.

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A mapping is a relationship between two sets. Given sets A and B (which need not be different) a mapping allocates an element of B to each element of A.

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Closed sets and open sets, or finite and infinite sets.

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Closed sets and open sets, or finite and infinite sets.

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Comparing the relationship of two data sets is needed to see which of the two sets have more life distribution. Two data sets involve the use of simple plotting and contour plots.

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