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IGCSE maths is allot more difficult then GCSE maths and so is any grade you wish to obtain. A C grade at GCSE is roughly 35% whilst at GCSE is 60%

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Q: What are the grade boundaries for igcse higher maths and are they different from gcse?
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What are the IGCSE grade boundaries for math?

it means hving a big bum is disadvantage in life.

When do AQA and Edexcel release grade boundaries for summer 2012 exams with the results day on 23rd August?

I don't know for sure, but people say Edexcel IGCSE grade boundaries for May 2012 series is being released on August 22nd .

What percentage you need to get an A in Chemistry in IGCSE?

Typically, an A grade in IGCSE Chemistry is awarded for scores between 75-100%. The exact percentage required for an A may vary slightly depending on the year’s exam difficulty and grade boundaries set by the exam board.

How do I improve my IGCSE German listening grade?

A person can improve their IGCSE German listening grade by studying their notes on the topic. A person may also hire a tutor to help with learning more on the subject.

Do you study radians in IGCSE higher maths?


Where can you get physics igcse past papers for grade 9?


Will Universities accept E grade in IGCSE?

universities don't look at igcse they look at AS or A2. the only igcse grade that matter is maths where you need a D and English which i think is a E. Igcse is just to get into the said AS or A2 course

What percentage do you need to get in your exam to get an A in higher maths IGCSE?


What does an A grade mean in IGCSE exams?

International General Certificate of Secondary Education:second highest award apart from A*

To do further math at IB do you have to get an A star in IGCSE higher math?

I did my IGCSE Math in one year and I got an A*. So for the second year, people who got A and A* moved into the higher level math, where we did Pure Mathematics, or A/O math (also from Edexcel and is now part of the IGCSE - Pure Mathematics). Pure Mathematics is like basically the first year of IB Higher Level Mathematics, so we're kind of ahead.So I don't know for sure, but you do a Math exam when you enter IB and they put you in the level they think you fit in.But I think you either have to get an A or an A* in your IGCSE's. At least an A.

Is ssc and igcse are same syllabus?

No, SSC (Secondary School Certificate) and IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) have different syllabi. SSC is a certification exam in India while IGCSE is a globally recognized qualification offered by Cambridge Assessment International Education.

How many marks to have gradeCin a IGCSE exams?

you will need 60% to get a C in IGCSE