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To figure that out you must divide:

360 degrees / 54 = 6.67 degrees or 6 2/3 degrees

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Q: What are the interior angles of a 54 sided polygon?
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What is the sum of the interior angles in a 54 sided regular polygon?

(54-2)*180 = 9360 degrees

If in a 54 sided polygon all possible diagonals are drawn from one vertex they divide the interior of the polygon into how many regions?

In a 54-sided polygon, 53 possible diagonals can be drawn from one vertex to another. These diagonals will not intersect. Therefore, the interior will be divided into 54 regions by the 53 diagonals plus the two sides of the original polygon that adjoin the vertex from which the diagonals are drawn.

How many diagonals does a 54 sided polygon have?


What do you call a 54 sided shape?

Using standardized polygon names, a 54-sided polygon would be called a pentacontakaitetragon.

What has 54 diagonals?

A twelve sided polygon.

What is the name of 51-59 sided polygon?

The name of a 51 sided polygon is Pentaconhenagon. The name of a 52 sided polygon is Pentacondigon. The name of a 53 sided polygon is Pentacontrigon. The name of a 54 sided polygon is Pentacontetragon. The name of a 55 sided polygon is Pentaconpentagon. The name of a 56 sided polygon is Pentaconheptagon. The name of a 57 sided polygon is Pentaconhexagon. The name of a 58 sided polygon is Pentaconoctagon. The name of a 59 sided polygon is Pentaconenneagon.

What is the interior angle of a polygon with 30 sides?

Total internal angle is (2n -4)right angles, here it would be (2x30 - 4)right angles which results in (54 x 90) degrees = 4860 degrees. If the polygon has equal angles then each would be 162 degrees.

List the first 8 angles of rotation for a regular polygon that has 20 sides?

If you rotate a 20-sided regular polygon by 360/20 degrees, the result will look the same as the original polygon. Any additional rotation will be a multiple of this number.

54 sided polygon?

The "proper" name is pentacontakaitetragon. Most people, including mathematicians, will use 54-gon since that effectively communicates the size of the polygon. But, if you want to appear pretentious or be obfuscatory, by all means use the Greek prefices.

How many sides would a polygon have if the measure of the interior angles is 9360 degrees?

If it has n sides, then (n - 2)*180 = 9360 so that n - 2 = 9360/180 = 52 and so n = 52 + 2 = 54 sides.

What is a 54 sided shape called?

A two-dimensional polygon with 54 sides is called a Pentacontakaitetragon, or just a 54-gon. If you are talking in 3-D, the name all depends on how the hedron is fashioned (snub, truncated, stellated).

How many parallel sides in 9-sided polygon?

The formula for the number of diagonals that an N-sided polygon has is# diagonals = N(N-3)/2N(N-3)/29(N-3)/29*(9-3)/29*6/2 = 54/227

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