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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

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The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: What are the numbers 3 and 5 called in a multiplication sentence?
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What numbers 3 and 5 called in the multiplication sentence?

Assuming you want to multiply 3 x 5, each of these numbers is called a factor.

what are the numbers 3 and 5 callde in the multiplication sentence 3x5 =15?

they are called multiplicands

What is the product of a multiplication sentence is in math form?

The product of a multiplication sentence is called the answer of the numbers being multiplied. i.e 2 x 3 = 6, 6 is the product.

What does product of two numbers mean?

The product is the answer in a multiplication sentence. 2 x 3 = 6. 6 is the product.

What is a number sentence for math?

an number sentence is a sentence for numbers like the following: 8x2=16 9÷3=3 got it? just a simple addition,multiplication,division,subtraction and an inequality sentence!

What are parts of a multiplication sentence called?

Multiplication statement consists of two or more multiplicands each separated by a multiplication sign (usually "x" or "*") followed by the equals sign ("=") and the answer. In the following line, the numbers two, three and seven each are multiplicands, forty-two is the answer 2 x 3 x 7 = 42

What prime numbers make 36 in multiplication?


What is a product in multiplication?

A product in multiplication is the two numbers you multiply.

Can you write 3 4 5 as a multiplication sentence?


What is two or more numbers multiplied together to form a product called?

Any numbers being multiplied by each other are called factors. The solution to a multiplication problem is called a product. Because of the commutative property of multiplication both numbers being multiplied together are called "factors." This is why - 3 x 5 = 15 5 x 3 = 15 It doesn't matter the order of the 3 or the 5. They are both called factors, and the product is the answer, 15.

What are the two numbers in a multiplication problem called?

In a multiplication sum, for example, 6 x 3 = 18, the first number is the multiplier, the second number is the multiplicand, and the third number, the answer, is the product.

How do you write a multiplication sentence with a product of -18?

What do you get when -6 and 3 are multiplied

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