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The products of whole numbers are always whole numbers, but the quotients -- the answers you get when you divide one number by another -- depend upon the actual numbers and which is the dividend and which is the divisor. For example, 12 divided by 3 is 4, a whole number, but 3 divided by 12 is 1/4 or 0.25, a fraction.

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2008-07-02 21:12:38
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Q: What are the quotients of whole numbers?
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What is the relationship between decimal products and quotients?

Decimal products are numbers that are the result of multiplication procedures and are not whole numbers. Decimal quotients are numbers that are the result of division procedures and are not whole numbers.

Why is the quotient a whole number?

Most quotients are NOT whole numbers: only those in which the divisor in the simplest form is 1 are whole numbers.

Make a generalization about dividends and quotients for whole numbers?

The quotient for whole numbers will always be less than or equal to the dividend. It will never be more.

What are quotients of integers?

Quotients are the answers in division problems.

Can you get a remainder of 3 in an answer?

Yes. All whole numbers are the remainders of infinite quotients. 3 is the remainder of 7/4 (for example).

How is estimating quotients different from estimating products?

Normally when estimating quotients you should round both numbers in the same direction whereas for products you should round the two numbers in opposite directions.

How do you estimate products and quotients of fractions?

By rounding each of the numbers involved.

What are the answers called when numbers are divided?

The answers of division are called quotients.

Why is the number 432 divisible by 3 and 4?

432 is divisible by 3 and 4 because the quotients are whole numbers. 432/3 = 144 432/4 = 108

24 divided by 6 equals 4 is this a generalization about dividends and quotients for whole numbers?

No. It is a statement of a particular instance when the three numbers in the statement have specific values. Change any one of them and the statement becomes false.

How do you estimate divide?

To estimate quotients, round the dividend and the divisor to compatible numbers.

How do I estimate the quotients 536 divided by 23 using compatible numbers?


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