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If you are adding a positive number, then this is the same as normal addition. For instance, 4 add positive 5 is 9. negative 1 add positive 8 is 7. If you are adding a negative number, then this is the same as subtracting that number. For instance 6 add negative 1 is 5. negative 7 add negative 2 is negative 9.

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Q: What are the rules for adding positive and negative numbers?
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What are the rules for adding integers?

Positive + Positive = Positive Negative + Negative = Negative If it's a negative + a positive, it depends on the numbers. For example: -2 + 1 = -1 -107 + 213 = 106

The rules of negative numbers?

If you are talking about the multiplication rules than they would be; a negative times a negative is a positive a negative times a positive is a negative

What are the rules in adding integers with like signs?

With both positive it's positive, with both negative it's negative.

What are the rules when adding or subtracting negative numbers?

When subtracting negative numbers change the subtraction sign to a plus and change the second number (which would appear to be positive) to a negative. ex. -14 - 7=?/-14 + -7= -21 When adding negative numbers just add them as they appear. ex. -2 + -5= -7

What are the rules for adding and subtracting integers?

when you add two positive integers the answer is always positive when you add two negative integers the answer is positive when you add one negative and on positive integer, the answer is negative subtracting two negative numbers gets a negative answer subtracting two positive numbers- the answer depends subtracting a negative and positive number- the answer depends, the positive number would have to be bigger than the negative to achieve a negative number, and if the positive number is less, than the answer is still negative

What are the rules for multiplying integers?

Positive x Positive =Positive Positive x Negative= Negative Negative x Positive= Negative Negative x Negative =Positive

Rules for adding integers?

When you add: a negative and a negative: you get a negative a positive and a positive: you get a positive a positive and a negative or a negative and a positive: Subtract the addend with the smaller value from the greater one. If the greater one is positive, your answer will be positive. If the greater addend is negative, your answer will be negative.

How do you divide positive and negative numbers?

It is the same rules that apply for multiplying them:positive and negative are negativepositive and positive are positivenegitve and negative are positive

What are the rules on positive and negative numbers?

multiplying and dividing- positive * positive= positive positive * negative=negative negative *negative=positive subtracting- -3-6=? 1. freeze first number- -3 2.reverse the sign to a addition- -3+ 3.Reverse the sign of the number- -3+-6= -9 adding- keep the sign of the larger number, then add/subtract

Rules for adding and subtracting negative and positive numbers?

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What are the rules in adding and subtracting integer?

Rule: Positive + Positive = Positive 12+12=24 Positive - Positive = Positive or Negative 12-6=6 | 12-13=(-1) Positive + Negative = Greater numbers sign in the answer 14+(-18)=(-4) | 18+(-14)=4 Positive - Negative = Positive 8-(-8)=16 Negative + Negative = Negative -12+(-12)=(-24) Negative - Negative = Positive or Negative (-8)-(-9)=1 | (-8)-(-7)=(-1) by, Patrick Macarilay AKA, macason

What are the rule for dividing negative numbers?

The rules for dividing negative numbers is the same as multiplying them. A negative number multiplied/divided by a negative number is positive and a negative number multiplied/divided by a positive number is negative.