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A cone has only one face and laid flat it would look like a piece/slice of cake

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Q: What are the shapes of the faces on a cone?
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How many faces edges and vertices in cylinder cone?

A cylinder and a cone - are two entirely different 3D shapes. A cylinder has three faces & two edges. A cone has two faces and one edge.

What is a three- dimensional shapes that rolls and slides and has 2 faces?

a cone

What are the 4 shapes with curved faces?

sphere cylinder cone hemisphere

What two 3d shapes have curved faces?

sphere, cylinder and a cone

What are the shapes of all the faces for a cone?

one face is a circle if you unwrap a cone, it looks like a pacman, so basically a circle with a sector taken out

Faces of cone?

A cone has two faces.

How many faces are on a cone?

A cone has two faces.

Does a cone have faces and corners?

A cone has faces but no corners.

What is the number of faces in a cone?

A cone has 2 faces.

How many faces does have cone?


Does a cone has exactly 4 faces?

No, a cone only has 2 faces.

How many edges and faces a cone have?

A cone has one edge and 2 faces.