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576 & 625

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2010-04-28 20:27:33
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Q: What are the square numbers between 550 amd 650?
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How many numbers including 600 itself round to 600 to the nearest hundred?

this is the answer you require: [550,650) i.e all numbers from 550 including 550, till 650 excluding 650. If you want to know the no. of integers, it is: 100. If you want to know the no. of real numbers, we can't count them i.e. infinite no. of numbers!

How do we find the smallest number that rounds to 600 when rounded to the nearest hundred?


What are colors of the visible spectrum from wavelengths between 750 and 400NM?

Blue.Violet 400-450 nm, Blue 450-500 nm, Green 500-550 nm, Yellow 550-600 nm, Orange 600-650, and Red 650-700 nm

Name what is the number halfway between 500 and 800?

Halfway between means if we put the two numbers on the number line, we find the distance between the two numbers and if we go half that distance we get to the number we are looking for.Now the distance between 500 and 800 is 800-500 or 300.We need half of that which is 150. So now take 500+150=650 or take 800-150 which must also be 650.

What is the perfect square of 650?

650 x 650 = 422,500

How much does an Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S4 cost?

An unlocked Samsung Galaxy S4 is presently between $550-650 USD.

How many yards is 650 square feet?

650 square feet is 72.22 square yards.

How many feet is 650 square meters?

650 square meters is 6,996.5 square feet.

What numbers are divisible by 650?

All the multiples of 650 - numbers of the form k*650 in which k is any integer.

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No, not as it is without some modification.

A mixture of 650 nails costs $43.50. If some of the nails cost 5 cents a piece, and therest costs 7 cents a piece, how many of each are there?

So the total number of nails is 650, therefore: X + Y = 650, and 5X + 7Y = 4350 First we can solve the first equation for Y: Y = 650-X Now that we know the relationship between X and Y, we can solve for one of them by substituting that value into the other equation. : 5X + 7Y = 4350 5X + 7(650-X) = 4350 5X + 4550 - 7X = 4350 -2X + 4550 = 4350 -2X=-200 X=100 Since Y = 650-X, Y = 550. If we plug those numbers into our original equations then we can verify the solution: 7(550) + 5(100) = 4350. (550) + (100) = 650

What number is halfway between 600 and 700?


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