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the code for 1000 gb is 22000 40503

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Q: What are the tamagotchi codes that get you 1000 points?
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What are Tamagotchi life points?

The points of life that the tamagotchi has. if it is gone your tamagochi dies!

Where can you find tamagotchi v4 codes?

Well, you could go on Type in tamagotchi cheat codes, and a whole bunch of codes appear

What do you do with tamagotchi points in tama town?

Tamagotchi points are like money but in tamagotchi form when you log out of tamatown the money you've earned is given to your tamagotchi which can be spent at the "shop" icon in your tamagotchi toy :pHOPED I HELPED?!?!?!:

What is the limit of Tamagotchi points?

999 Gotchi Points

4.5 tamagotchi codes plus more codes?

so what you have to do is you have to give your tamagotchi 50 time outs and you will receive the most money there is

How do you get free tamagotchi v6 secret codes without buying the toys?

type in tamagotchi codes and you will get a vriety of people who now the enser.

What are some Tamagotchi special codes?

You have to get them on tamatown and tranferr the item to your tamagotchi, this can be accessed on your apartment. Then use it depending on if its a girl or a boy, certain items may not work. --MewMew

What are the secret codes in tamagotchi v6?


Where can you get all tamagotchi v5 codes?

Where do you get all the tamagotchi v5 free codes?

You can get them at under "Codes"

Does a tamagotchi wake up at 1000?


How do you get intellagince points for your tamagotchi?

Play Games!