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30p = 20p + 5p + 5p

40p = 20p + 10p + 10p

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20p + 10p + 10p

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Q: What are the three coins that add up to 40p and 30p?
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How many coins equal 40?

Three coins add up to 40 cents: a quarter, a dime, and a nickel.

How do you earn star coins in spark city?

Press add star coins then say pack three and press cap locks and ctrl plus F4 and then you get real star coins!

What is 2 coins add up to 11cent?

2 coins add up to 11cent = 13

Can 9 coins add up to sixty cents?

One quarter, three dimes, and five pennies add up to sixty cents. And also 3 dimes and 6 nickels.

What is 2 plus 1?

Three To write it out and work the problem: 2 + 1 = 3 Or, for a visual demonstration: Lay two coins on the desk in front you. Get one more coin from somewhere else and lay it (ie., add it) next to the other coins already on the desk. There will now be a total of three coins.

How do you get star coins on spark city world?

You press "add coins" and then you pay (real money) to get the coins. Hope this helps!

John received .41 change from a puchase in the drugstore. If he received six coins three of the coins had to be PENNIES NICKLES DIMES QUARTERS or HALF-DOLLARS?

Three of the 6 coins had to be nickels. The six coins are 1 quarter, 1 dime, 3 nickels, and 1 penny.

How do you get money on stardoll if your a superstar?

Well anyone can get money from Play And Earn but superstars can get it by clicking add coins on your name card. You can pick how many coins you want and it will add it!

How do you add coins to YoVille in Facebook without working in the widget factory?

i lov free coins for farm ville

What coins do you have if you have 30 coins and 1.09?

Assuming you mean "Which coins must you have if you have 30 coins that add to $1.09 c", there are a large variet of possibilities that largely depend of the country the coins come from. This is because different countries have different denominations of coins.

How do you make one dollar using three different types of coins and use sixteen coins in total?

four dimes equal 40 cents ten nickels equal fifty cents ten pennies equal 10 cents Add the 3 groups of coins for one dollar

How do you transfer money to other people in YoVille?

Yocash can not be directly traded but coins can by way of trade, if I wanted to give you 100 coins I would open the trade dialog you would add 1 coin and I would add 101 coins.

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