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The two common climates in Europe are Mediterranean and Marine climate

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Q: What are the two common climates in Europe?
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What are the two most common climates in Europe?

Maritime and Mediterranean.

What two climates dominate Europe?

Europe is mainly temperate, however it is considerably warmer than areas at the same latitude, due to the Gulf stream.

What climates exist in northern Europe?


Which climate covers large parts of Europe?

The largest climates in Europe are the oceanic and continental climates. Oceanic climate covers most of Western Europe while continental covers most of Eastern Europe.

What causes mild climates in Europe?

ThE ocean currents

What type of climates of northern and western Europe have?


What physical features influence Europe's climates?

The Gulf Stream.

Were does beech come from?

Beech is a tree native to temperate climates in Asia, Europe, and North America. Common uses include firewood, drums, and various ornamental purposes.

What do humid subtropical climates and west coast climates have in common?

Some sort if forest

What climates can tornadoes start in?

Tornadoes can occur in just about any climate except for polar climates and extremely arid climates. They are most common in temperate and subtropical climates.

How might warmer temperatures affect the climates and people of northern Europe?

By making the people trying and learning to adjust to the warmer climates,and the climates would be all off balance.

What do humid subtropical climates and marine west coast climates have in common?

Some sort if forest