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100000 1 dollar bjs

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Q: What can you buy with one-hundred thousand dollars?
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What can ten thousand dollars buy?


If 100 pennies in a dollar how many pennies in a onehundred dollars?

10,000 pennies

How many toothpicks can you buy with a million dollars?

You can buy 69 thousand packs of toothpicks.

How much does it cost to buy a shop?

about 500 thousand US dollars

What can you buy for three thousand dollars?

small tv, small couch

Should you buy a clarinet for 40?

Forty what?? Dollars? Thousand dollars? Please be more specific in this question.

How can you spend one hundred thousand dollars?

With 100,000 dollars, you can buy 100,000 items at a dollar store.

How many pounds of crumbs can you buy for a thousand dollars?

It depends on the number of pounds.

What is the best thing to do if you bought a house for 140 thousand dollars and now its worth 50 thousand dollars?

Why did you buy it? To live in. What else can you do, but live in it. If you bought it as an investment, then you gambled, and you lost.

How much does it cost to buy a limo?

Probably 30 to 35 thousand dollars but I am not positive.

Who should I buy a car from that is less than ten thousand dollars?

A nice but affordable car to drive to college you buy from that is less than ten thousand dollars is very simple. Best deals on used vehicles under $10000.

Where can you find a car under one thousand dollars?

Have your parents buy you one, then pay them back only a thousand dollars! Or come see my grandpa Melvin up in Bismark, ND. He can give you a car for five hundred dollars!