What constitutes a normal PT test?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The normal prothrombin time is 11-15 seconds, although there is some variation depending on the source of the thromboplastin used in the test.

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Q: What constitutes a normal PT test?
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What is the normal range of a pt blood level test?

11 to 13.5 seconds

What is the full form of PT?

The full form of PT is Proficiency Test.

How many promotion points is a pt test worth?

if i scored 237 on my pt test how many promotion point is that

Is PT of 18.3 input close to normal and what does PT stand for in medical terms?

PT means prothrombin time; 18.3 sounds too slow. Normal is about 9

Do you have to be NPO for a PT lab test?


What is the purpose of the PT test?

The PT test is used to monitor patients taking certain medications as well as to help diagnose clotting disorders.

Are men allowed to do woman's measurement in an army PT test?

No. The male and female PT tables are labeled that way for a reason. When the current three-event PT test (which I don't agree with as it doesn't really test the physical demands of a soldier; the Canadian Army's PT test is much better) was developed in the late 1970s, the female standards in all three events were far lower than the male standards. That changed when every woman in the Army maxed the situp portion of the PT test.

What is the calcium correction for albumin?

Corrected Calcium = (0.8 * (Normal Albumin - Pt's Albumin)) + Pt's calcium

What is a pt test?

PT can mean a multitude of things, Though All I could think of is Physical Training.

What kind of test assess primary hemostasis?


What other name does the prothrombin time test go by?

The test is also known as the pro time or PT test.

Is it normal for a Chrysler PT Cruiser to use lots of oil?

No it is not.