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A. Flashlight beams bouncing

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an abrupt snap

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Which descriptive phrase from the scenario best represents lightheartedness?

an abrupt snap

What descriptive phrase from the scenario best represents wastefulness?

Half-eaten Hot dog ~Apex because I just took the test.

What are descriptive phrases?

A descriptive phrase is added information to the subject, object,... E.g.: The girl (= subject) + who thought she was beautiful (= descriptive phrase) + verb

Is Long Beach a set phrase or descriptive phrase?

Long Beach can be a set phrase if it refers specifically to the city in California. It can also be a descriptive phrase if it refers generally to a long stretch of beach.

What is a Descriptive Phrase?

Phrases that describe. Example (not descriptive): a girl Example (descriptive): a girl with her hair tied up in a precise bun

Descriptive Phrase in 35 characters max?


A descriptive phrase for a seahorse?

moves in the sea like clouds in the wind

What is the difference between an idiom and a descriptive phrase?

An idiom is a phrase whose meaning is not easily deduced from the individual words used, often carrying a symbolic or cultural connotation. A descriptive phrase, on the other hand, is simply a phrase that describes something without the use of figurative language.

A 3to 5 word descriptive phrase?

yes hi I'm Bret

What is a descriptive phrase about planet Mercury?

It is a smallest, rocky planet, and is nearest to the sun.

What is a descriptive phrase mean?

>as blind as a bat>as hard as nails>as wise as an owl?

What is A brief descriptive phrase that points out traits associated with a particular person or thing?

an Epithet