What did Pythagoras do to Hippasus?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Pythagoras drowned him.

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Q: What did Pythagoras do to Hippasus?
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How did hippasus of metapontum die and when did he die?

Hippasus was according to legend murdered by the Pythagoras for finding out that the square root of two was irrational. Hippasus was found face down in the mediteranian. He died of water inhalation's

Who did Pythagoras influence?

Pythagoras influenced many people like, Philolaus, Alcmaeon, Parmenides, Plato, Euclid, Empedocles, Hippasus, and Kepler.

Who discovered irrational numbers?

Hippasus, However Pythagoras could not accept the existence of irrational numbers, because he believed that all numbers had perfect values. But he could not disprove Hippasus' "irrational numbers" and so Hippasus was thrown overboard and drowned.

What happened to the person who discovered irrational numbers?

Little is really ''known'' about this. Stories abound and many conflict. The surest element of the tales is that root 2 was the first number proven irrational. The favourite for "whodunnit" was Hippasus. Many tales are told of his death by drowning. "Whodun'''that"''' has various answers with Pythagoras as the favourite pusher. Other stories have Pythagoras ordering Hippasus drowned for revealing the existence of irrational numbers, which Pythagoras thought should be kept secret.

What philosophers have made contributions to math and what were the contributions?

Many philosophers have made contributions, such as Pythagoras, who made the Pythagorean theory, which is talking about angles such as a right angle and making that into an equation.

Who is known for his definition of irrational numbers?

Hippasus, a Pythagorean philosopher is believed to have proven the existence of numbers that are not rational. However, this is not quite the same as "known for". Many (most?) mathematicians would not know who Hippasus was or what he did.

Who is the founder of irrational numbers?

The history of this is confused. The first irrational number found was almost certainly root 2. The man who proved this was probably Hippasus.Hippasus died by drowning, and some stories say that Pythagoras drowned him for proving the existence of an irational number which he thought was impossible. Others say that Pythagoras ordered the drowning of Hippasus for revealing the existence of an irrational number which should be kept fron public knowledge.

Who was hippasus of metapontum?

Hippasus was a Greek mathematician of antiquity. He is credited for his proof that the square root of two is irrational, meaninng that it cannot be expressed as a ratio of two integers. The ancient Greeks were evidently not pleased with discovery, as legend has it that he was killed for his discovery! Physics guy

Why was Pythagoras reffered to as the Pythagoras of samos?

Pythagoras was called "Pythagoras of Samos" because he was born in Samos.

what is Pythagoras full name?

Pythagoras of Samos

Did Pythagoras die?

Yes, Pythagoras died on None

What work did Pythagoras do?

pythagoras made the famous pythagoras theorem and many more....