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Generally it means that the dimension is for reference only. The actual (real dimension) will show up somewhere else on a drawing. It could also be put on a dimension that you really don't want an inspector to hold tight (material thicknesses that vary with vendor or batch run)

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Q: What do parentheses around a dimension represent?
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How is a reference dimension shown on a drawing?

A reference dimension is typically indicated by placing parentheses around the dimension value and noting it as a reference dimension. The use of parentheses signifies that the dimension is for reference purposes only and is not intended for manufacturing or inspection. Additionally, a note may be added on the drawing to clarify the role of the reference dimension.

Difference between reference dimension and basic dimension?

Basic dimension is the numerical value defining the theoretically exact size of a feature. Reference dimension is the numerical value enclosed in parentheses provided for information only and is not used in the fabrication of the part.

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