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Decimal numbers that never end but that end up having a repeating pattern are called recurring decimals or repeating decimals.

Examples would be 1/3 = 0.33333333...

or 452/555 = 0.8144144144144144... (where 144 is the repeating pattern).

Reaching that repeating pattern is known as becoming periodic. Only rational numbers will have a repeating pattern. (The repeating pattern may be 00000, as in 4/2 = 2.00000... .)

If a decimal number continues forever without having a repeating pattern, then it is a irrational number. One example of a number that continues forever without repeating would be π (pi) which continues infinitely without repeating.

Pi is also referred to as a transcendental number.

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Q: What do you call the decimals numbers that never end?
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Are all decimals irrational numbers?

only decimals that never end and never repeat are irrational. a decimal is rational if it can be written as a fration or ratio of two numbers. for example: .3434343434343434... 100x=34.34343434... -x 99x=34 34/99

What are numbers that cannot be written as a fraction numbers with decimals that do not end or repeat?

that is called an irrational number

When does the numbers end?

Numbers never end

Does Germany have repeating decimals?

Germany is the name of a country and so does not have repeating decimals.

What are not the multiples of 5?

All decimals, and all whole numbers that do not end in zero or 5, are not multiples of 5 .

What are terminating and non terminating decimals?

Terminating decimals are decimals that end, such as, 2.384. Non-terminating decimals that don't end, such as, 0.3333333333.......

What number do the numbers end?

They never end but they also end at a zillion but a zillion is in the middle of the numbers

What is all the numbers of pi?

the numbers never end!

Numbers that never end or repeat?

Irrational numbers.

Is 202002000200002000002000000... a rational number?

Ok, if the number ends there at the zeros right before the ellipses, then yes that would be a rational number. The whole point of a rational number is that it ends. All whole numbers are rational numbers. It's when you get into the decimals that you have irrational numbers. 1/3 for instance is not a rational number. In decimals it is something like 0.3333333...etc. and never ends. The number listed up there has no decimal, meaning it has to end somewhere.

Why do numbers never end?

Because you can never stop counting.

Are all terminating and repeating numbers rational numbers?

All decimals that terminate, or end with a repeating set of digits are rational numbers. eg 1.234, 1.222..., 1.232323..., 1.23444..., 1.2343434... are all rational numbers.