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It generally means, "at some point in the future."

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Q: What do you mean by---somewhere down the line?
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What does a straight line up and down mean in math?


What does a vertical straight up and down line on a graph mean?

y axis

What does blocking mean in football?

A block down field beyond the line of scrimmage

What does down the line mean?

In tennis, down the line refers to the same side of the court on the opponent's court area. For example, for two right handed players, down-the-line would refer to the forehand side of one person and the backhand-side of the other.

What does it mean for a line to have a negative slope?

If a line has a negative slope it is going 'down hill' and if it has a positive slope it is going 'up hill'

Why do i have a Brown line under your belly button after a miscarriage?

You mean the vertical line from your bellybutton and down? Pregnant women get that due to hormones.

What does it mean when a street map has a red line going down the street?

it ''means'' the ''mane'' ''rode''

What does it mean if a segment or angle is bisected by a line?

It means it is split in half right down the middle.

What does it mean to hug third in baseball terms?

It refers to a third baseman who plays very close to the 3rd base line. He may do this to cut back on doubles down the line or simply because the batter typically hits the ball down the line.

What is the line of reflection in symmetry?

The line of reflection in symmetry is the imaginary line that travels down the line of symmetry. For example, in a square, the line of reflection would be the line down the center of the square, and the line down the diagonal of the square.

What do vertical mean?

You could always use and search the word, but in a nut shell, it's the direction of up/down. This line is vertical: | This line is horizontal: ___

What does the dark line on your stomach mean from your belly button down?

In yamatji way it means when your pregnant Itz a boy and a line goin further up its a girl