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If you were to roll a marble (across what doesn't matter), what slows the object down is called traction.

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Q: What do you think causes the marbles to stop rolling?
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What causes marbles to stop moving?

Friction and air resistance.

What force causes a car to stop?

Rolling friction causes a car to stop.

Which is the property causes a wagon to continue rolling when you stop pulling it?


Which property causes a wagon to continue rolling when you stop pulling it?

Momentum is something that can cause a wagon to continue rolling when you stop pulling it. Momentum equals mass X velocity.

How do you stop an IBM monitor screen from rolling?

How do you stop an ibm monitor screen from rolling

What causes a ball to stop rolling?

the friction and the motion of the ball both combined

What does the word rolling stop mean?

It means when you come to a stop sign and you keep rolling slowly.

How does a bilge keel stop a boat from rolling?

The additional underwater surface of the bilge keel creates extra resistance to the side-to-side rolling of the hull, but does not stop rolling altogether.

A rolling ball will eventually stop rolling why does it do that?

It will not, unless it is acted upon another force. If it's rolling on something, then friction will stop it (the ball rubbing on the table slows it down).

At a stop sign it is permissible to make a rolling stop when no other traffic is present.?

It would depend on the jurisdiction, but I'm not aware of any jurisdiction in which a "rolling stop" is considered a legal stop.

Friction brings many moving objects to stop?

Yes. Think of rolling a ball in the grass. The grass is causing friction making the ball slow down and eventually stop.

A rolling bowling ball is hard to stop because?

Stop the ball