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It is multiplication by the 2x2 matrix 0 1

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Q: What do you think the mapping rule is for a rotation of 270 degrees clockwise?
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Why do clocks run clockwise?

I think that this might be related to the direction of the earth's revolution on it's own axis and rotation round the sun, as these all are in clockwise direction the clock should run in clockwise only.

How many degrees is 2 1.3 times a quarter of a rotation?

I think it's 275

Is Colorado west?

It is 270 degrees clockwise from north.

What is counter clockwise?

Clockwise goes right in a circle, counterclockwise goes left in a circle.

What is the firing order on the top of the distributor for a Pontiac 400 V8?

I think # 1 is at the 1 oclock position standing in front of the carand looking at the driver.. It then goes 8436572 in a counter clockwise rotation .

What direct does the earth spin?

east to west < wrong! the sun rises in the East and sets in the West because the earth spins the opposite way. Think about it. Well the earth spins counter-clockwise, so the sun will rise in the East and set in the West because of the rotation its spinning in.

What is counter-clockwise?

Counter clockwise is the opposite to clockwise , so if you think of a clock and it goes right , counter clockwise is the other way round so it's going left.

What is tation?

i think you mean rotation.

Which country is Christopher Columbus famous for mapping?

i think it was the Bahamas or something like that

How do you rotate a figure 90 degrees counter clockwise then reflect over y axis?

I dont really know if this is right but i think to do this problem you have to take a point then rotate the paper counter clockwise around the origin then you have a new point which is called a prime. Then reflect it over the y axis on the graph.

How do you do mapping diagrams?

you have to learn at school got it that is how i think you didn't listen at school good for you

What are the suffixes and prefixes for clockwise?