What does 1L means as in money?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Could mean 1 Lempira..that is the currency of Honduras. 1L is = to 5 cents usa

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Q: What does 1L means as in money?
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Is 1950mL equal to1.95L?

if you mean mL means millilitre and L means litre then . according to the conversion formula 1L=1000mL threfore:1950=1000 mL+950mL=1L and 950ml=0.95ml therefore we get 1950mL=1.95L

What is 1l in milliliters?

1L is 1000mL

What is equivalent in 1L bottle to milliliter?

1L = 1000mL

Which is greater 1L or 1qt?

1qt is larger than 1L.

How many milliliter are in 1L?

There are 1000 milliliters in 1 liter.

Soukoban level 46?

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What fraction of 1L is 400ml?

2/5 of 1L = 400ML

Is 1L bucket more then 100 ml bucket?

Yes. 1L=1000mL

What is best buy?

When purchasing, the best buy is the item that is of the best value. To find the best buy of an item and furthermore make the best choice when you shopping, you must find which item is the cheapest at a particular quantity. For example in a supermarket, you have a choice between a 1L bottle of Coke priced at $5 and a 2L bottle of Coke priced at $15, and you want to work out which bottle would be a better value for money. You must work out the price of each bottle if they were both the same size. 1L = $5 is for one, 2L =$15, work out how much this would cost if it were also 1L 1L =$15/2 =$7.50 Therefore the 1L bottle of Coke is a better value for money, the best buy.

If 30ppm means 30mg in 1kg it means that 30ppm is equal to 0.03g in 1kg therefore equivalent to 0.03ml in 1L Does this mean that the concentration in moleL is 0.03?


How do you solve latch puzzle in largo winch game?

The solution to the Largo Winch latch puzzle is as follows: Key: 1-Ist latch from top R-Right 2-2nd latch from top L-Left 3-3rd latch from top 4-4th latch from top Solution: 1L-2L-1L-3L 1R-2R-1R-3L 1L-2L-1L-4L 1R-2R-1R-3R 1L-2L-1L-3R 1R-2R-1R-4L 1L-2L-1L-3L 1R-2R-1R-3L 1L-2L-3L

On the cokezone codes how much is a 1l bottle?

From a 1L bottle you should get 2 points.