What does 5 groups of 3 mean?

Updated: 5/30/2023
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(333) (333) (333) (333) (333)

this is five groups of three, could be anything as the three items but hast to have five different groups of it. In total there is 15 of that item.

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Q: What does 5 groups of 3 mean?
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How can 30 students be divided into groups of the same size?

2 groups of 15 3 groups of 10 5 groups of 6 6 groups of 5 10 groups of 3 15 groups of 2

How many different groups of 3 types of coins can you make with 5 quarters 4 dimes and 3 nickels?

There are 5*4*3 = 60 groups.

What does groups of mean in maths?

It means multiplication. for example, 5 groups of 2 = 5x2 = 10.

3 groups of 5 is?


how many groups of 3 equal 21?


What is the mean of 5 5 1 1 3?

Te mean of 5, 5, 1, 1, and 3 is 3.

Can you divide 21 in to equal groups?

3 equal groups of 7 or vice versa, if you mean groups of even nos-no

What is I5?

Well simply what you do is see how many times 5 goes into 3 and if you think 5+5+5=15 which is 3 groups of 5.

How can you use subtraction to find the number of groups made?

If you count back or subtract the divisor from the dividend then you get the number of groups. For example12/3 can be done like12 is the dividend and 3 is the divisor.12 -3, 9-3, 6-3, 3-3 which will give us 4 groups.12/5 can be done like12-5, 7-5 (in this case you get 2 which will be considered as reminder) and 12-5, 7-5 are 2 groups.Hope this helps.

The mean of the numbers 3 5 7?

The mean of the numbers 3 5 7 is 5.

What are the 5 groups of vertebrates animals and its meaning?

the 5 groups of Vertebrates are: 1.Fish 2.Amphibians 3.Reptiles 4.Birds 5.Mammals

How many groups of 3's can you get out ofabjkp?

It depends partly on whether the question refers to "of abjkp" or "ofabjkp". Number of groups of 3 from 5: 10 Number of groups of 3 from 7: 35