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It means u multiply in by the number in the brackets

EX- 2(3)= 2*3= 6

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Q: What does a number next to a bracket mean?
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What does dmsb stand for in division?

It stands for Divide, Multiply, Subtract, and bring Down. This is used in long division. You divide the number on the left into the one on the right, placing your answer on top of the bracket. Then, you multiply the number on top of the bracket with the number on the left, placing this answer below the right-hand number. You subtract the number on the very bottom from the right-hand number. Then, you bring down the next numeral available underneath the bracket.

What is the next number in the number sequence 124816?

If you mean: 1, 2, 4, 8 and 16 then the next number is 32

How do you eliminate the parenthesis in algebra equation?

You can remove parenthesis or bracket by multiplying the number outside, with the number inside the bracket.

What is the number next to your xbox 360 profile mean?

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What number comes next in the pattern 9193969...?

If you mean: 9, 19, 39, 69 then the next number in the sequence is 109

What is a coordinate number?

A coordinate number is two number in a bracket. Example: (4,9)

What does it mean when there is a number and 2 variables next to it?

it mens to multiply them.

What are the next number in the pattern 1235813?

If you mean: 1 2 3 5 8 13 then the next number is 8+13 = 21

What is the number after 999 milinilion?

If you mean what is the next integer or whole number after 999 million then it is: 999,000,001

What number is after 1 gogal?

If you mean GOOGOL, the next number is one googol plus 1.

Does a variable next to number mean multiply?

yes it does always remember that :)

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