What does an positive slope look like?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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a positive slope is a slope which increases in value "y" as well as its value for "x"

i.e. (0,0)(2,2) would be listed as positive because the values increase olong the slope of the line

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Q: What does an positive slope look like?
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What does the graph of a proportional relationships look like?

A straight line with a positive slope, passing through the origin.

What does 2.51 slope look like?

For every unit a point travels in the positive x direction, it travels 2.51 units in the positive y direction.

How would you define positive slope?

a line with a positive slope rises from left to right

What is positive slope?

If the slope (line)is in upward direction, it is called positive slope

What is a positive slope for an equation?

the positive slope for an equation is a shdjcdhksfdgkf

What do the four diffrint slopes look like?

positive slope, the line goes up (increases) from left to right negative slope, the line goes down (decreases) from left to right zero slope, the line is horizontal (flat) undefined slope, the line is vertical (straight up)

What does a graph look like when both sets of values increase?

The graph will have a positive slope and that means the line will graph from the lower left and will be higher on the Right.

What is the graph if the slope is negative?

If the slope is negative, or going downhill, then that means the graph will be a regular coordinate system (x and y axis). The only thing that is different is the direnction of the slope. A positive, or regular, slope formula, looks like this: y= 2x + 3, for example. Since there are no negative signs, the slope would be going upwards. But a negative slope, like you are talking about, would look either like this: y= -2x + 3 ( negative sign in front of 2 ). Remember: If the equation looks like this: y= 2x - 3, it would still be positive, because it is behind the 2x. Good luck!

Is a slope of a line always positive?

No because the slope of a line can be positive or negative

What are four types of slope?

positive slope negative slope zero slope undefined

Can slope k of a direct variation be positive?

The slope of the graph of a direct variation is always positive.

For a negative slope the rise is and the run is positive?

For a negative slope, the rise is negative and the run is positive.