What does ib mean in math?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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International Baccalaureate (a degree).

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Q: What does ib mean in math?
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What is the hardest IB course?

HL math

Where can you take IB courses online I live in Canada. I would be taking full IB except i dropped math because it was hard. I want to replace math . I want to still get the Ib diploma. c my question?

Are you sure you can drop math? I think you would be getting a non IB diploma. You can take higher level or standard level, but if you don't take the IB course my understanding is you wouldn't get the diploma. I am not aware of IB online. You might try going to the official IB site.

What does the abbrieviation IB mean?

IB mean International Baccalaureate

How much oz is equal to 1 ib?

The answer depends on what you mean by an "ib".

What IB Maths SL grade is equivillent to AP calculus AB level 4 OR 5.?

Somewhere between a 5-7 depending on how well you test and the internal assessments. As I understand it, Calculus AB is more in depth on calculus subjects than ib math but there are more topics in ib math.

What is IB math studies standard level?

hello dork geek who should i now

To do further math at IB do you have to get an A star in IGCSE higher math?

I did my IGCSE Math in one year and I got an A*. So for the second year, people who got A and A* moved into the higher level math, where we did Pure Mathematics, or A/O math (also from Edexcel and is now part of the IGCSE - Pure Mathematics). Pure Mathematics is like basically the first year of IB Higher Level Mathematics, so we're kind of ahead.So I don't know for sure, but you do a Math exam when you enter IB and they put you in the level they think you fit in.But I think you either have to get an A or an A* in your IGCSE's. At least an A.

How many ton are in ib? you mean how many Ib's are in a ton? 1 ton=2000 pounds

What does lb mean in weight?

ib is the abbreviation for pound

What does Ib mean in measurement?

LB, or lb means "pound" in measurement.

What does length mean in math?

What does length mean in math

What subjects do you choose in IB program if you want to do Architecture in any US university?

Eng, Phy, Math SL Chem , Hindi , Eco HL