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What means import in social studies

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Q: What does import mean in socials terms?
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Is the CE mark acceptable for imports to China?

The initals CE generally mean Common Era in historical terms. I am not sure what you intend for their meaning in an import.

How does the outsiders address the issue of social classes?

It shows the greasers as the "good" and Socs (socials) as the "bad", they antagonize, and are mean.

Who is Ponyboys enemies?

the socials

What can Canada import to Australia?

The question is meaningless. Does it mean "...import from..." or "... export to..."?

What does not mean export?

import does not mean export

What does socials depend on?

an apprenticeship in thinking

What are the three socials?

Class, caste, slavery

In the outsiders what do the Socials wear?

madras shirts

Do single sex schools have socials on the weekend with the opposite sex?

Whenever they are not in school they have could socials with the opposite sex, unless it's a boarding school.

Fie what does it mean?

firearms import export

What does import bookmark mean?

Save favourite

Does import mean the same as copy?