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It means cube root.

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Q: What does it mean when a little 3 is on the square root?
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What is the root of 27 in radical form?

So I assume you mean the square root and square root of 27=square root of (9x3)=3(square root (3))

What is the square root of six?

the square root of 6 is 36 or it is 3 depending on what you mean 6 SQUARED is 36 the SQUARE ROOT is 3

What is the 2 in front of the square root sign?

The sign that is used for the square root is actually a root sign: the little 2 before it denotes that it is the square root. A little 3 would indicate it is a cube root, a little 4 that it is a fourth root and so on. However, conventionally, if no number is shown, it may be assumed that it is the square root.

What is the Geometric mean between 3 square root 7 and 6 square root 7?

3 * sqrt(14)

What does square root of a number mean?

The square root of a number is a number which, when multiplied by itself, gives the original number. So, 9 has a square root which is 3 because 3*3 = 9

What is the third square root of 27?

Assuming you mean the cube root, the answer is 3.

What is the standard deviation of 3 6 and 12?

Answer is Square-root(14) or approximately +/-3.74. Explanation: To find the standard deviation, you must first find the mean of the population. In this case, the mean is (3+6+12)/3 = 21/3 = 7. Then, we take the Square root of (average of the Squares of (mean - each number)). = Square-root of ( [ (7-3)^2 + (7-6)^2 + (7-12)^2 ] / 3 ) = Square root of ( [ 16 + 1 + 25 ] / 3 ) = Square root of (42 / 3) = Square root of (14)

Square root 2 times square root 3 times square root 8?

square root 2 times square root 3 times square root 8

What is the square root of 75 divided by the square root of 3?

Square root (75) / square root (3) = 5

5 square root of 3 2 square root of 3?

Square root of 6

What is Square root of 3 plus square root of 3?

It is 2*square root of 3 or approximately 3.464101615.

What is 7 square root of 3 plus 6 square root of 3?

10 square root of 3.

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