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You can never know everything, and part of what you know is always wrong. Perhaps even the most important part. A portion of wisdom lies in knowing that. A portion of courage lies in going on anyways.

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Q: What does the expression if your cookie is in two pieces the answer is yes mean?
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What type of cookie are Oreo?

An oreo cookie is a cookie that is put together that has a round chocolaty cookie with two pieces covering a white creamy icing in the middle.Then all put together this is a quick explanation of an oreo cookie.

Two spherical pieces of cookie dough have radii of 3cm and 5cm The pieces are combined to form one large spherical piece of dough What is the approximate radius of the new sphere of dough?


What is -3x 9?

It is two terms of an algebraic expression but if you mean -3 times -9 then it is 27

What does 2n-m mean?

It is a linear expression in two variables.

A 3 foot stick is broken into two pieces the ratio of the two peices is 57 how big are the two pieces?

If you mean a ratio of 5 to 7 then the two pieces are 15 inches and 21 inches

What does halved in math mean?

It means "cut in two equal pieces and one of the pieces put aside".

What does bifurcating an apple mean?

It means to split into two pieces.

What does Sal mean when she calls the houses in Euclid cookie cutter in Walk Two Moons?

They are all the same.

What does fitching mean?

an expression used when plaiting two strands of willow in basket weaving.

What is a sandwich cookie?

A sandwich cookie is a type of cookie consisting of two cookies with a filling in between. The most famous is probably the Oreo cookie.

How many men are on the broard at the start of a chess game?

Men? I assume you mean pieces. It is an 8x8 board. The two opponents have two rows of 8 pieces. Times two would be 32.

What does the word binomal mean?

well if you meant binomial then that is an algerbraic expression that has a sum of two terms