What follows a cause?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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A cause always has an effect.

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Q: What follows a cause?
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What does it mean that a piece of cause-and-effect writing must be sequential?

It follows a series of steps in time order

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What what words are used to show cause and effect?

Words used to show cause and effect include "because," "since," "as a result," "thus," "therefore," and "consequently." These words help link the reason for an action or event (cause) to the result or outcome that follows (effect).

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What is the text structure of a cause and effect?

The text structure of a cause and effect essay typically presents an explanation of why things happen and the consequences of those events. It follows a pattern where the cause is described first, followed by the effects or outcomes that result from the cause. This structure helps readers understand the relationship between different events and their impacts.

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