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65/100 or 13/20

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Q: What fraction has the same value as the decimal number 0.65?
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How is the decimal version of a mixed number differ from the decimal version of a fraction?

The value is the same, the whole number ( to the left of the decimal point ) is the same, but the fraction of 1 ( to the right of the decimal point) can be expressed as either a fraction or a decimal depending on its use, so for example: 1.375 is the same as 1 3/8

What does converting fraction to decimal mean?

It means that you find a decimal number that has the same value as the fraction - or often a value that is close, since most fractions cannot be expressed exactly with a terminating decimal. Just divide the numerator by the denominator, to get an equivalent decimal.

What has the same value as 3 8ths?

There are an infinite number of fractions which have the same value as 3/8. For example 6/16 or 30/80. The decimal value of this fraction is 0.375

What decimal has the same value as the fraction 14 over 25?


What is the difference between a fraction decimal and a percent?

Same value -- different formats 37/100 (fraction) = 0.37 (decimal) = 37%

How is a decimal similar to a fraction?

A decimal and a fraction can both express the same number, they are just written in a different format.

Which is bigger a fraction or a decimal?

Neither, they are the same. For instance the decimal number 0.75 is equal to the fraction of 3/4.

What have the same decimal a rational number a composite number or an equivalent fraction?


What is a whole number fraction?

a fraction where the numerator and the denominator are of the same value

If you have a fraction with a negative sign in front of the fraction how do you make it a decimal?

Exact same if there was no negative sign, the number is the number.

How do you divide a decimal by a whole number?

Dividing a decimal by a whole number is the same as multiplying the decimal by the whole number's reciprocal. Convert that fraction to its decimal equivalent and proceed.

Does a proper fraction have the same value as a mixed number?


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