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A zillion fractions, depends on how finely you want to segment the space between 3.5 and 3.6

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Q: What fraction is in between 3.5 and 3.6 on a number line?
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What is the distance from 53 and 35 on a number line?

The distance between 53 and 35 on a number line is the absolute value of 35-53, or 18.

35 percent as an improper fraction?

35% wouldn't be an improper fraction - it would be a proper fraction. 35/100, or 7/20 is the proper fraction answer. An improper fraction is where you have a larger number as a numerator and a smaller number as the denominator, such as 100/35.

What is halfway between 20 and -15 on a number line?


What is 35 as a fraction?

35/100, if it is a whole number such as 35 you only need to ad 100. Unless, it is in the hundreds such as 350 it would be: 350/1,000 as a fraction.

What is equivalent to the fraction 35?

35 as a fraction = 35/1

How do you covert 35 into a fraction?

put 35 over the number 1 it looks something like this 35 ____ 1

What number is equivalent to 35 percent?

35% = 0.35 or 7/20 as a fraction in its lowest terms

What is the multiple of a unit fraction of 35?

It is any number of the form k/35 where k is an integer.

How do you change an improper fraction into a mixed fraction?

Divide the numerator by the denominator. The number above the line is the whole number and the remainder over the divisor is the fraction. For example: 37/5 Divide 37 by 5. The whole number is 7 (5 X 7 is 35). The remainder is 2, so the fraction is 2/5. The mixed number is 7 2/5.

Which fraction is between 35 percent and 50 percent?


What is 35 percent is in a fraction?

35% = 35/100 or 7/20 in fraction

What is 35 as a fraction as a percentage?

35 as a fraction is 35/1 and 3500% as a percentage.

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