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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

The grouping method of factoring can still be used when only some of the terms share a common factor A True B False

The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: What fraction of the time would you pick a blue block if you had 5 green blocks 6 red blocks 1 blue block and 3 yellow blocks in a bag?
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How do you beat level 10 in the red remover game?

The game setup is: 5 Green Blocks 3 Stationary Blue Blocks 4 Non-Stationary Blue Blocks 2 Solid Red Blocks Of the green blocks you don't need to click any. Of the Stationary Blue Blocks you don't need to click any. OYou can't click the Solid Red Blocks So... All you have to click is the Non-Stationary Blue Blocks So.. In the top left cornor you'll see 3 green blocks balanced on 1 blue block, the 1 blue block balanced on a green block, the green block on another blue block, that blue block is holding a second green block and a solid red block. Click the block holding that. The two green blocks remain okay, but it drops the solid red block. Next, you'll see in the lower right hand section a blue block with a green block, a blue block, and a solid red block. Click that as well. Now you're done. You're welcome.

How do you beat level 40 in red remover game?

first you get rid of all the red boxes in each corner, then you have 4 rows of blocks with one green block in the middle, then you get rid of the blocks at the end of every rowuntil you get down to the green block on top of the red block, then you click on all of the red blocks so the green blocks are on the big green block.

Jamie has a bucket with a total of 25 blocks in it 5 of the blocks are red and 7 are green and 8 are blue and 5 are yellow If he randomly draws one block out what are the odds that it is blue?

Prob(The one block is blue) = number of blue blocks/total number of blocks = 8/25 = 32%

About what fraction would you expect to pull out a red block if your put your hand in a jar that contained 27 blue blocks 18 red blocks 12 orange blocks and 43 green blocks?

18 red of 70 total is 9/35

If you have 70 red blocks and 84 green blocks what is the greatest number of identical block stacks that can be made without any blocks leftover?


How do you beat level 2 on mushroomer?

just push the block into the ditch when it blocks the green mushroom

What is ratio of blue to green to form yellow?

Yellow is a primary colour. One of the building blocks of other colours. Green (a secondary colour) is the result of the mixture of blue and yellow. The only way to get yellow from green is to remove all of the blue. Not something that is possible with paints.

What is the answer to puzzle 132 in Professor Layton and the Curious Village?

This puzzle is also known as Princess in a Box 2. It is one of Layton's Challenges from the Golden Apple's House. It is worth 80 Picarats for the correct solution.Move the Green Block down twice and the Purple block to the right. Move the other Purple Block all the way upand the lower-left Green Block to the right and up. Slide the Blue Block all the way to the right and the big Red Block down. Move the open Green Block all the way to the left followed by the Green Block below it which should move up and to the left and then move the other Green Block to the left and then up. Slide the lower Blue Block up and the lower-right Green Block all the way to the left. Move the right-most Green Block down and twice to the right. Drop the Purple Block all the way downand the other Purple Block to the right. Slide the Green Block to the right and up and then move the Blue Block up. Slide the lower-left Green Block up and right. Now move the big Red Block to the right. Drop the Green Block on the far-left all the way down followed by the other Green Block. Slide the Blue Block in the middle all the way to the left. Move the top-right Green Block downand to the left. Slide the Purple Block to the leftand the other Purple Block all the way up. Move the two Green Blocks to the right followed by the big Red Block to the right as well. Slide the Green Block on the far left to the right and down. Drop the Blue Block downand slide the other two Green Blocks to the left in between the two Blue Blocks. Move the two Purple Blocks to the leftand the two Green Blocks up all the way. Slide the big Red Block over to the right. Drop the Purple Block all the way down and the other Purple Block to the left. Move the Green Block to the left and up. Now simply slide the Red Block up and to the right to victory.xPlease see Related link below for a walkthrough of Puzzle 132

What do the colors on the Benin flag mean?

Benin's flag is blocks of green, red, and yellow. Green recalls hope and revival, red the courage of ancestors and yellow is a reminder to preserve the country's wealth.

Why do the leaves of a plant appear green because of chlorophyll?

Because the pigments in the leaves absorbs red, orange, yellow, blue, and indigo. It blocks out green.

What do you get when you mix yellow and green?

You get yellow-green by mixing green and yellow together and yellow-green is also known as chartreuse.

How do you get past level 13 on pigstacks?

Click on the longer of the two green blocks on the right hand side, it will fall down the slide onto the red bar. As the red bar with the green block goes up click on the green block that the pig is sitting on. The Red bar (with the green block on it) will push one side of the longest green block up and thus kicking the pig off to the left side.

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