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Q: What geometric figure has 2 sets of parallel lines 4 sides and no right angles?
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What geometric figure has two sets of parallel lines and all four sides are congruent?


Who are squares alike?

Squares have 4 90 degree angles and 2 sets of parallel lines and 4 congruent sides. A rectangle has the angles and parallel lines. A parallelogram has the parallel lines. A rectangle is most similar, however there are more geometric shapes with some similarities to a square.

What is the name of a figure with two parallel lines two equal sides and no right angles?


What angles are formed on the inside of parallel lines?

No angles are formed on the inside of parallel lines because they do not intersect. That is the definition of parallel.

What is a geometric figure created using only a compass and straightedge?

Perpendicular lines that meet at right angles is one example

What do geometric lines mean?

They could be: parallel lines, perpendicular lines or intersecting lines

A four-sided figure with only one pair of parallel lines and no right angles is called what?

A trapiziod

Are right angles parallel?

Parallel refers to lines and not angles A right angle is formed by 2 lines that are perpendicular to each other and not parallel If you already have a line and you draw two lines which are at right angles to it, those two lines are parallel.

What are geometric triangles?

a shape or figure with no bent or curvy lines only striaght lines and has three sides which the sum of the angles must equal 180 degress

What is co-exterior angle?

A co-exterior angle is almost the same thing as co-interior:Two angles on the same side of the transversal (in a figure where two parallel lines are intersected by a transversal).They are supplementary angles (add up to 180º).They are exterior angles meaning they are outsideof the two parallel lines (opposite of interior angles which are inside the two parallel lines).

Where do the angles originate from?

From lines that are not parallel.

A four sided figure with only one pair of parallel lines and no right angles is called what?

it is called a trapezoid

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