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It is the scale ratio or scale factor

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you supposed to be giving the correct answer not a guess.
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and it was wrong

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Q: What gives the ratio that compares measurements of the drawing to the measurements of the real object?
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What is the difference between scale and scale factor?

The scale gives the ratio that compares the measurements of the drawing or model to the measurements of the real object. Scale factor is a scale written as a ratio without units in simplest from.

What gives the relationship between the measurements on a drawing or model and the measurements of a real object?

It is a matter of scale.

What is the advantage of sketching an object first before drawing it using CAD?

it gives you the basic idea of what the drawing should look like when it's completed

What is it called when a drawing gives the illusion of depth?


What is it about an object that gives that object its mass?


Is hand drawing advantage than scale drawing?

Not necessarily. Hand drawing gives you freedom, but then again with scale drawing, you get a more "finished" feeling i dont know the right word.

When you lift an object energy is transferred to the object which gives object?

Potential energy

Why lettering is important?

A drawing that shows only the shape and size of a machine or structure does not completely describe the object. A finished drawing tells how the parts will be made, what materials will be used in manufacturing, and the tolerance or degree of error that will be permitted.

How does drawing a picture upside down help you improve your drawing skills?

It doesn't really help, it just gives you a new perspective.

What does it mean when a guy gives you a drawing?

I think it means that he may like you. When you draw something for someone aren't you thinkong about that person you are drawing for?

How does an object give of light?

If an object gives off light, it is a luminous object.The luminous object gives off its energy and we see it. If you shine light on an object, it is an illuminated object, it just reflects the light back into your eyes.

What gives an object inertia for newtons laws?

Nothing gives an object inertia. Inertia is not a force. It is just the tendency of an object to continue in its motion if there is no force acting upon it.