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Q: What grade would you get for 24 out of 30 questions right?
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How would you grade a paper with 24 questions and you got 6 wrong?

75 percent or C plus

What grade is 18 correct out of 24 questions?

That is 75%

How can you find the grade average from 7 wrong out of 24 questions?

71 percent

What grade is Rihanna in right now?

rihanna is 24 she is out of school

What is the grade if you miss 1 out of 24?

95.83%, so you would have an "A"

What would be your grade if you missed 24 out of 60?

60% or D-

What grade would you get if you got 24 out of 27?

88.9% or B+

How many questions you must get right to pass a forty question test?

Each question is worth 2.5% so lets say the fail is 60%, you have to get 24 questions right to get a 60%, for an A you have to get 36 questions right.

How many questions can you miss out of 62?

to get a 90 you need to answer 56 questions right (6 wrong) to get an 80 you need to answer 50 right (12 wrong) to get a 70 you need to answer 44 questions right (18 wrong) to get a 60 you need to answer 38 questions right (24 wrong)

With 24 math guestions what would your grade be if you missed 8?

That would be around a 66% so a D.

Nh drivers test how many needed to pass?

There are now 30 questions on the test, and I believe that you have to get at least an 80%, which would mean that you would have to get 24 questions correct .

Trevor received a score of 96 if he answered 24 of the questions correctly how many questions were on the test?

There were 25 questions on the test.