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The answer for the question is "THEY GET SENTENCED!"

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Q: What happens when words misbehave and break the rules?
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What happens when words misbehave and break the rulers?

they get sentenced

Can you name 3 words with the prefix mis?

misbehave misinform misappropriate

What words can you make out of break?

Words that can be made from the letters in "break" are:aarearkbakebakerbarbarebarkbebeakbearbrabraebrakeearerarake

Are there any rules that allow repeating words in Scrabble?

There are no rules about repeating words. Players are allowed to play the same words.

What is MrsTomasciks spelling words this week?

the spelling words are rewrite, reappear, recall, recover, rebuild, dishonest, disagree, disappear, disappoint, disconnect disapprove misbehave, misfortune, misunderstood, misspell, misuse, illegal, and illegible.

Why do you get banned in clubpenguin?

You might break the rules by saying bad words, cheating, or getting reported. Usually banning lasts for 24 hours, but they could also last forever.

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Words that can be made from the letters "fall break" are:aableablerafaraleallareareaarkbaabakebakerbalebalerbalkballbarbarebarkbebeakbearbefallbellblarebleakbrabrakebreakearearlelfelkerafablefakefakerfallfarfarefearfellferalflabflakflakeflarefleafreakkalekraallalablabellakelarklealeafleakrakereal

How do you break words?

You break words into syllables. Take the word impossible, for instance:

What words have the suffix mis- in them?

first of all, mis- is not a is a prefix Prefixes come before words and suffixes come after words. You can pretty much add this prefix to many words... EX: misunderstood, misinterpret, misleading, mistake, misspell, misbehave, mistreat, misquote, misfortune, misplace, misstep.

Greek words a person who rules?


How many words can you get out of spring break?

There are 150 words in springbreak