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NOTHING. Try it for yourself.

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Q: What happens when you press F10 five times?
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How do you unsuspend yourself from readingplus?

press on f10. on the top of the keyboard

How do you access bios for packard bell?

try to press alt f10

How do you get the tool bar back in Sims 3?

Press the F10 button.

How do you make the control bar go away in sims?

What exactly do you mean? Press Tab or press F10.

I have a compaq pressario cq60 and the touchpad wont work on it. Ive already tried reinstalling it and going to mouse but nothing works. How do I turn it on?

when you start your computer, press F10 right away a few times and then you will get to the bios screen. press F9 and then enter. press F10 to exit and press enter. when it restarts, your mouse should work. mine had the same issue and this is how i solved it. email me at and let me know if it worked.

How do you format a netbook?

just press alt + f10 before the windows begin .

Why is the toolbar missing?

I don't know why it's missing, but you can press F10, it worked for me.

What is the override key for reading plus?

if you get baned from that stupid website you can press f10 but the teacher will know

What key do you press to access bios setup?

F8 or F10

How do you cheat in freecell?

Press Ctrl+Shift+F10 and you will come up with a screen that says press abort to win , retry to lose, and Ignore to cancel

How do you get qualifyed for the custom levels on marble blast gold?

this will only work on mac comps OK. press command, fn and f10 all at the same time and a toolbar(?) will come up. in the space type $testcheats=1; and press return and press command fn and f10 again to close the toolbar(?). press command fn and f11 and after that you should be able to drag stuff around with the mouse.

How do you create a dropdown menu in excel?

You can click on it with the mouse. You can press the F10 key or the Alt to activate the menu, and then hit the underlined letter in the menu heading to open it. So hitting Alt or F10 and then F will open the File menu. Hitting Alt or F10 and then O will open the Format menu.