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56 cm = 560 mm

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Q: What if bird is fifty six centimeters long what is the height in millimeters?
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How big is a hummingbird beak?

A hummingbird beak at 18 millimeters is one of the longest parts of this smallest bird. The bird is about 13 centimeters in total.

How tall is Hawaii's state bird?

41 centimeters

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What is the world's second largest bird?

The second largest bird (by height) is the emu.

What is the height of a Jackadaw bird?

The Jackdaws height/length is 34-39 cm.

Is Australian sparrow is small bird of the world?

no,australian bird is not the smallest bird...smallest bird is bee humming bird which has 1.5 gram of weight with 5cm height.

How tall is the state bird Maryland?

Maryland's state bird, the Baltimore Oriole, averages 18 centimeters or 7 inches tall.

What bird is 8 feet tall and weighs 345 pounds?

The bird that is largest by weight is the ostrich.

How height can you go with bird wings?

50 feet high bro

What is the regular height of a Fool Bird in Hatchet?

six inches tall