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Q: What integer would represent ten degrees below 0?
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What integer would you use to represent 34 degrees below zero?

-34 deggres

How can you use integers to represent changes in temperature?

If you had 46 degrees Fahrenheit, and it went down to 23 degrees Fahrenheit, than the integer would tell you how much it went up or down. The integer for this example question would be -23 degrees Fahrenheit.

What fraction is 270 degrees?

270 is an integer and so it would be sensible to represent it as an integer: 270 degrees. There is no requirement in the question to change the measurement unit, and if you do want that then you will need to specify the required unit. I suggest the answer should be 3*pi/2 radians.

What is the integer of 5 degrees below zero?

The integer value of 5 degrees under zero is -5. It is -5 because using a number line you would be able to see 5 units under zero is -5.

How do you write 3 degrees below zero as an integer?

3 degrees below 0 mean -3. The reason that 3 below 0 is -3 is because it isnt getting hotter its getting colder is below not above if it said 3 degrees above 0 then your answer would be just 3 but in this case its asking you for below 0!

What integer is six feet below sea level?

If sea level is 0, then feet above sea level would be a positive integer, while feet below sea level would be a negative integer. The integer for six feet below sea level would be -6.

What integer would represent stops at the line of scrimmage for no gain?

It would be negative zero.

What is the largest decimal number that a two byte integer can represent?

There are 8 bits in a byte, so a two byte integer would be 16 bits. The largest 16 bit integer possible would be 11111111111111112, which is 65535 in base 10.

What would 250 degrees F represent?

121-133 degrees Celsius (very cool )

How would you represent 75 as a fraction and as a decimal?

75 is an integer, not a fraction. As a decimal it is 75, exactly as in the question.

What does positive and negative integer mean?

A positive integer would just be a regular number like 2. A negative integer is a negative number like -2. (2 below zero)

What does minus 3 degrees mean is it 3 degrees below zero or 3 degrees below 32 degrees Fahrenheit?

minus 3 degrees means that it's three degrees below freezing. So if you are measuring in celsius then it would be -3 degrees since freezing is zero degrees celsius. If you are measuring in Fahrenheit then it would be 29 degrees since 32 degrees is freezing.