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0.824 as a fraction in simplest form is 103/125 or one-hundred three over one-hundred twenty-five.

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Q: What is 0.824 as a frction in simplest form?
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What is 0.12 as a frction in simlpest form?

0.12 = 3/25

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What is 80 percent as a frction?

80% = 4/5

When the numerator and demominator have 1 as their only common factor a fraction is in what?

Simplest form

2.47 as a frction or mixed number?

2.47 = 247/100

How do you write6.9 as a decimal or frction?

6.9 is a decimal as well as a fraction.

What is 5.571 as a fraction?

It is: 5.571 = 5571/1000 as an improper frction

What is three over seven in simplest form?

3/7 is in its simplest form.

Whats a fraction for 59?

It is simply 59/1 as an improper frction

What is the simplest form for 1 over 4?

1/4 is in its simplest form.