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"10 less than" (-10)
"the product of 2 and a number" (2*x)

Answer is 2x-10■

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Q: What is 10 less then the product of 2 and a number?
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If 6 more than the product of a number and -2 is greater than 10 what could be that number?

the number is less than or equal to -3

Why multiplying a number by a fraction less than 1 will give you a smaller product than your first factor?

Not necessarily. -1/2 is a fraction which is less than 1.-10 * -1/2 = 5, a product which is bigger than -10.

One positive number is 6 less than twice a second number and their product is 140 what are the 2 numbers?

The two numbers are 10 and 14.

What is the product of any number and 2?

Twice that number!

The product of 8 and a number is 56 what is 2 less than the number?


10 less than the product of -4 and a number is 2?

Let the unknown number be X: -4x-10 = 2 -4x = 2+10 -4x = 12 x = -3 Remember that a minus multiplied by a minus is equal to a plus: -4*-3 = 12

What is 2 less than the product of 4 and a number n?

4n - 2

When are two number factors of product number?

Two numbers are factors of a product when they multiply with each other to become the product. For example, if the product number is 10, then our factors can be 2 and 5, or 1 and 10.

Is the prouduct of a fraction that is less than one and any whole number less than or greater than a whole number?

The answer depends on the signs of the two numbers.1/2 * 4 = 2. The product, 2, is less than the whole number, 4.1/2 * -4 = -2. The product, -2, is greater than the whole number, -4.

What is the product of the smallest prime number and the greatest prime number less than 100?

The smallest prime number is 2 and the greatest prime number less than 100 is 97. The required product is: 2 x 97 = 194.

What is five less than the product of -3 and a number is -2?


What Two numbers have athe sum of 7 and the product of 10?

the sum of 10 and the product of 7 and a number 2+5=7 2*5=10