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Q: What is 12.45 am in digital time format?
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How do you write the number 1245 in scientific format?


How do you write the number 1245 in scientific notation format?

1,245 in scientific notation is: 1.245 × 103

what 1245 off 10?

10% off of 1245 = 1120.5 = 1245 - (10% * 1245) = 1245 - (0.10 * 1245) = 1245 - 124.5 = 1120.5

What is a description of a digital format?

digital camera

What is digital format?

A digital format is a format system that uses the digits 1 and 0 as codewords to interpret data received and data to be sent eg. a digital clock, computer signals.

How do you write 10 past four in digital time?

10 past four in digital time may be written 4:10 if using a 12 hour format. When using a 24 hour format, it may be 04:10 if it is in the morning or 16:10 if it is in the afternoon.

What's the best tape format or digital format for use by a church audio recording system?

The best format is probably digital, especially for churches where you will be taking a lot of recordings.

What is an example PHP script that would display a digital clock?

This question is ambiguous to completely answer, because displaying a digital clock has different interpretations. In the following, a digital clock is assumed to be 2 digits for the hours and 2 digits for the minutes with a colon in between, styled at your discretion to look like a digital clock.If you want to display the time statically as of the page loading, grab the current time() and throw it into date($format, $time). The time() function will retrieve the current time in seconds from the Unix Epoch (1/1/1970). The date() function will take this timestamp and format it, according to the format string given. See the related link for complete documentation on possible formats. The following example works fine:$time = time();$format = 'h:i A'; // "h" is the current hour, "i" the current minute, and "a" AM or PM.echo date($format, $time);This will effectively output the time as a digital clock would. You may change the format to alter how the hours and minutes are displayed, and even provide more (or less) information about the current time.If you want to display the time and have it dynamically update to reflect the current time, you will need to use Javascript -- which is out of the scope of this question.

What is 1245 divisible by?

1245 is divisible by 5.

What is digital negative?

Digital negative is the same with RAW image format. See the related question for more details about this format and a comparison with other formats.

What is video camera digital format?

Well it's a camera that's um digital and uh the format is the whole thing and that is it really good of you to ask it

What is a .dtf file?

1) Digital Tape Format 2) Dead Tree Format