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Well...12x12 is 144, so 12x11 would be 12 less than 12x12, or 122

The answer is actually 132, so I hope you didn't get this wrong on homework or a test or anything. Next time, just use the calculator function, it will save you from having your question answered incorrectly.

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this was not helpful at all. I was looking for what is 12 x 11 and all it said was is 12x12 is 144 then take away 12. I was looking for an answer so that i would not have to do that! to me i think this was not helpfull at all

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โˆ™ 2023-02-07 01:07:00


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Q: What is 12x11?
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What is the exact answer for 12x11?

12x11 is 132

What is 12x11 equal?

The product is 132

What is -12 -11?


What does 12x11 equal?


What is the solutions x2 12x11?

ask jesus.

What is the lowest common multiple of 11 and 12?

the LCM of 11 and 12 is 132 (12X11=132)

How many square feet are in a 12x11 room?

12 x 11 = 132 square feet

How do you multiply large numbers?

Large numbers can be multiplied on paper using a method called long multiplication. It functions similarly to regular on-paper multiplication, but is a little bit more complex as it involves two numbers with two or more digits. Below are the steps to go through, using an example1. Set out the numbers as shown below.12x11------2. Multiply the first digit of the bottom number by the top number.12x11------123. Underneath this number, place a zero.12x11------1204. Multiply the second digit of the bottom number by the top number, placing your answer after the zero.12x11------121205. Add the products together to obtain your final answer.12x11------12120------132When dealing with numbers with more digits, an additional zero will need to be added. For example, when multiplying by the third digit of the bottom number, two zeros are to be added before the product.

What is the square foot of a 12x11 room?

A 12 x 11 room is 131 square feet in floor area

How many times does 11 go into 132?

Answer: 12 times. Since 12x11 is 132, we can say 11 goes into 132 12 times.

What is 11 x 12?

11 x 12 = 132

You are allowed to omit two out of 12 questions on a quiz.How many ways can you select the questions to omit?

the answer is 66 because 12x11=136 then you divide that by 2 and you get 66

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