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Q: What is 1332 millionths g per cc in a word form?
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How many syllables are in the word perform?

There are two syllables. Per-form.

How many syllables are in the words performance?

The word performance has three syllables. The syllables in the word are per-form-ance.

Is the word to a verb?

No. The word to is a grammatical particle. It is used BESIDE a verb to form an infinitive, which a compound form of verb. For example: to see, to sleep, to go, to write, and so on. But the word to per se is not a verb.

What is the adjective form of the word rancor?

That would be rancored, per the Related Link listed below:

How do you spell per cent?

Both "percent" and "per cent" are usable forms and the noun form is "percentage."UK /Commonwealth publications more often use the two-word form per cent.

What is the word for an event happening once per decade?

decennial or if you were looking for the noun form it is a decennium or a decennary

What prefixes go with the word form?

Trans-, con-, and per- are some prefixes. Some suffixes are -al, -at, and -ing.

What is called GSM in a paper industry?

GSM in this context stands for Grams per Square Meter for paper or cardboard. It roughly corresponds to microns (millionths of a meter or thousandths of a millimeter) in thickness.

What is another word for per?

another word for per can be "each"..........

What is the past form of the word spell?

spelt per American Heritage Dictionary "alternate past tense and past participle of spell".

How do you write a unit rate in word form?

it depends on the unit rate you are using but here are some examples mph= miles per hour kph= kilometres per hour fps= feet per second cps= centimetres per second

What is the full form of pcpa?

pcpa full form------per capita per annum