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A 'cubic centimetre'. If your CC is water it will weigh one gram and be one thousanth of a litre, one thousanth of a kilgram.

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Q: What is 1 cm long 1cm wide and 1cm thick?
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What is the volume of a block of wood that is 1cm wide 1 cm deep and 3cm long?


What is the area of a rectangle 10 mm wide and 10 cm long?

10mm*10cm = 1cm*10cm = 10 square cm.

What is approximately 1 cm long wide or thick?

A standard paperclip is approximately 1 cm long.

1cm is how wide in inches?

1 cm = 0.4 in

How long is each kidney?

11-14 cm in length, 6 cm wide and 4 cm thick.

Whats the volume of a standard deck of cards?

0.75 inch thick * 2.5 inch wide * 3.5 inch long = 4.37 inch^3 = 71 mL 1.9cm thick * 6.4 cm wide * 8.9 cm long = 108.2 cm^3

What is the volume of centimeter?

Centimeters are a measurement of distance, not volume. However, if you were to make a cube that was 1cm long, 1cm tall and 1 cm wide that cube would have a volume of one cubic centimeter (1cm^3) which is equal to one milliliter (1mL)

What are the dimensions of a manual can opener?

Manual can openers vary quite considerably in size. The smallest that I have seen are about 6 cm long 1.5 cm wide and the thickness of a knife blade. The one that I have got are 5 cm wide, 22.5 cm long and 5 cm thick.

When changing cm to the third power to ml what is the third power used for?

in cm, the third power means that its is in 3 demensions. so, something that is 4cm to the third power would be the same size as four blocks of wood, where each block is 1cm long, 1cm thick, and 1cm tall (the three demensions of volume). when converting cm cubed(to the third power=cubed) to ml, however, the formula would simply be 1cm cubed=1ml

Calculate the volume of a textbook that is 28.5 centimeters wide and 3.5 centimeters thick?

2194.5You will also need to know a third dimension, like "length".Volume of textbook in cubic centimetres = 28.5 cm wide x 3.5 cm thick x ? cm long.

what is the area of a rectangle that is 1cm long and 3cm wide?

The area of rectangle is : 3.0

If a 3-kg pine board is 20 cm wide 2 cm thick and 2 m long Then the density of the board is what?