What is 24x12?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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My answer is 288 what is yours?

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Q: What is 24x12?
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What is the answer to 24x12?

24x12 is equal to 288.

How many square feet are in 24x12?

288 square feet. Multiply the two dimensions - the result is the number of square feet.

How many hours minutes seconds in 12 days?

24 h in a day so 24x12 = 288 hours, 0minutes, 0seconds.

Retangler 24cm and 12cm what is the area of the paper?

There is no such word as retangler!A rectangle, with sides of length 24 cm and 12 cm has an area of 288 square cm.

How many cases are in a 5 gallon keg?

A case of twenty four 12 ounce beers is 24x12= 288 ounces. Five 128 ounce gallons is 640 ounces which is 640/288 cases = 2.22 cases or 53.33 beers.

How many gallons in a tank 12 inches by 24 inches by 16 inches high?

You actually have a 20 gallon tank. There are 231 cubic inches in a gallon. So if you take your length times your with you get: 24x12 = 288in square. Then multiply that times the 16 inches of height and you get 4,608 inches cubed. Divide that number by the 231 cubic inches per gallon and you get: 4608 (inches cubed)/ 231(cubic inches per gallon)=19.94 Gallons or a 20 gallon tank.

How many 4 by 8 inch bricks are needed to build a walk 6 feet wide and 24 feet long?

The way to calculate the number of bricks is to calculate the area of the walk and then divide by the area of a single brick. One very important point - the same units must be used for both areas (whether you choose inches, feet or anything else, it doesn't matter, you will get the same answer).The area of the walk is 6x24 square feet and, as there are 12 inches in a foot, this equals (6x12)x(24x12) square inches. This equals 20736 square inches.The area of a brick is 4x8 = 32 square inches.Dividing one by the other, the number of bricks required, N, is given by:N =20736/32= 648 bricks exactly.