What is 30 minutes after 5 clock?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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5:30 OR Five Thirty <3

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Q: What is 30 minutes after 5 clock?
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How many degrees does a clock minute hand turn in 20 minutes?

Since a clock hand turns 360 degrees in 60 minutes, it will move 30 degrees in 5 minutes and 120 degrees in 20 minutes.

What is the angle between the two hands of a clock when the time is 12 hours 30 minutes?

15 + 5 x 30 ie 165o

A clock loses ten minutes each hour if the clock is set correctly at 12 o'clock noon what is the correct time when the clock reads 3 pm?

The correct time is 3:35pm when the clock reads 3pm. At 3pm correct time, the clock will have been running slow for 3 hours and be 30 minutes behind, reading 2:30. It will lose an additional 5 minutes to travel the 1/2 hr more, so it would be behind a total of 35 minutes.

What is time is 11 minutes to 5?

11 minutes to 5 is basically 11 minutes until 5 o' clock. that would be 5 o' clock (AM or PM) subtract 11 minutes. 11 minutes to 5 is 4:49.

In telling time what does half five mean?

It means half of an hour or 30 minutes past 5 o clock

It is 830 then 30 minutes later it is 831. I watched a 30 minutes long episode. HOW?

The clock must be broken. Either try new batteries or buy a new clock.

A clock that gains 30 second every hour will gain how many minutes in a day?

A clock that gain 30 second every hour will gain how many minutes in a day?

At 2 o clock and 23 minutes in America what is the time in India?

America has several time zones, so the phrase "2 o clock and 23 minutes in America" makes no sense, The time in India is GMT + 5:30.

A clock has only one hand the small one and it is on the 28 minute mark so what time is it?

5:36. the 28 minute mark is between 5 and 6; there the hour is 5. there are 5 minutes between the 5 (25 minutes) and 6 (30 minutes). every minute represents 12 minutes (60 minutes/5 minutes). 28 minutes is the 3rd minute b/t 5 and 6. 3 x 12=36. 5:36. on a clock, the small hand (hour hand) moves to the next minute marker every 12 minutes.

27 minutes before 7 0'clock is 33 minutes past 5 0'clock true or false?

It's false. That's because 27 minutes before 7 is 6:33 and 33 minutes past 5 is 5:33.

How many minutes are in 5 hrs and 30 mins?

5 hours = 300 minutes. 300 + 30 = 330 minutes

How many minutes in .5?

There are 30 minutes in .5 of an hour