What is 3x20 equal?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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3x20=60 because 20+20+20=60

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what is 3x20?

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Q: What is 3x20 equal?
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2x plus 20 equal 3x?

2x + 20 = 3x20 = 3X - 2X20 = X

How many square feet 3x20?


What is a cross product and give an example?

It's part of a proportion. The cross products in a proportion are equal. example: 3/4 = 15/20 4x15 = 60 3x20 = 60

What Is The Same Product As 5 x 12?

1x60 2x30 3x20 4x15 5x12 6x10

What is the greatest common factor of 60 45 72?

3: 3x20=60 3x15=45 3x24=72

What is 10 plus 3m if m equals 20?

10 + 3mm = 2010 + 3x20 = 70

What is the GCF of 5 4 and 3?

Actually it is 60 not one. 4x15=60 5x12=60 3x20=60

How many ft in 20 yds?

lots - 60 because 1 yard = 3 ft , 3x20=60

What are the dimensions of 60?

1x60, 60x1, 2x30, 30x2, 20x3, 3x20, 4x15, 15x4, 5x12, 12x5, 6x10, 10x6

What are six ways to get a product of 60 using two whole numbers?

If I'm not mistaken: 1x60 2x30 3x20 4x15 5x12

How old would you be if you were three score and ten thousand?

ten thousand and sixty 10,060 a score is 20 so therefore threescore is 3x20=60, simple

What is the answer to 4y-3x20?

If you mean: 4y = -3x+20 then y = -0.75x+5 whereas -0.75 is the slope and 5 is the y intercept of a straight line equation