What is 4 one half into a whole number?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Four and one-half cannot be represented by a whole number. It can be represented by 4.5 or the improper fraction 9/2

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Q: What is 4 one half into a whole number?
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Is 4 over 8 equal to a whole number?

No, it is a fraction of a whole number. 4/8 is the same as one half or 1/2.

What is two and one half as a whole number?

A mixed number can't become a whole number, unless it's something like 2 and 8/4, which no one would ever write.

What is half of 7 in a whole number?

It is: 7/2 = 3.5 and rounded to a whole number it is 4

What one number can you double to make 8 other than 4?

you times 8 by half (1/2) to get 4 NO. There is another whole number that you can add to itself to get the number 8.

How do you divide a number in half?

A number is divided into Half by dividing the whole number by 2.for example, divide 8 into half.. so the answer will be 8/2 = 4

Is 150 a whole number?

No. It is one and a half. And the ".. and a half" bit shows that it is not a whole number.

What fraction of the whole is half of 1 half?

One quarter or 1/4.

How many eighths are in one and a half?

There are 12. 8 in a whole, and 4 in a half.

How many beats in a whole note?

The number of counts in a whole note is dependent on the time signature. If the bottom number is 4 (quarter) then the whole note gets 4 counts; if the bottom number is 2 (half) then the whole note get 2 counts; etc.

What is 1 whole in fractions?

Every fraction that has the same number on top and bottom is equal to one whole. 1/2 is a half. 1/3 is a third. 1/4 is a quarter. 1/5 is a fifth, and so on...

What is 4 half plus 4 half?

old answer: 2 wholeTHE RIGHT ANSWER IS NOT 2 WHOLE. IT IS 4 WHOLE.Reason: 4 half is same as 2 whole (half=0.5... 0.5 x 4= 2). if 4 half is 2 whole, then8 half is basicly double, and 2 whole x 2 = 4 whole.

How many quarters are equivalent to one half?

There are 4 quarters in a whole. Therefore, there must be 2 quarters in half of a whole.